Environment is what every living being from micro bacterial creature to sophisticated mammal calls HOME. This is the basis for the development and survival of every single living being on planet earth. if the endangered species, Mountains and water resources are not saved then the eco-system may have to face difficulties in the near future. So, to contribute some effort to save and protect the environment some driven groups of young individuals have joined this causes and established a non-profit organization named one step in Environment on 4 September 2011. all the members of this organization are involved in various fields, but have common interests and goals to give their best to create awareness to make that small change in our behavior, which will lead to a big change in care of the environment.



The environment is what every living being from micro- bacterial creature to sophisticated mammal calls HOME. Due to an ever growing population and rapid urbanization, the environment has been polluted and rural area has been deforested rapidly. A dirty and polluted environment comes from landslide, floods, rises in temperature and many more causes which may also result in the erosion of top & fertile soil, causing damage to crops. Although there is still a lack of awareness regarding this matter mainly due to our quest to meet various aims, there is some sign of hope.



To organize an awareness programme and to provide knowledge and awareness regarding Environmental preservation and management
To stop deforestation and to carry out collective efforts towards our aim to the local level

To help promote the tourism sector by creating a safer greener and healthier environment

To provide education and emphasis on the very big 3R’s: “recycle, reuse and reduce”.

To reduce the number of polluted vehicles and to convince and make people aware of and to use eco friendly vehicles or at least to keep their vehicles in clean condition

To motivate people to reduce the use of non degradable items like plastics.



To provide a cleaner, greener, healthier and safer environment for coming generation which they can call a “Happy Home